Help your kids prepare for life

Kids Life Coaching

Preconception care for a fertile mind and body

Fertility Coaching

How to raise great kids

Parent Coaching

Connect. Love and embrace

Relationship Coaching

Designing the life and career

you always dreamed of

Life & career Coaching

improve your health, transform your body

Health & fitness Coaching

Build financial literacy and abundance

Financial coaching



Help your kids prepare for life

Kids Life Coaching

Preconception care for a fertile mind

and body

Fertility Coaching

How to raise great kids

Parent Coaching

Connect. Love and embrace

Relationship Coaching

Designing the life and career

you always dreamed of

Life & career Coaching

improve your health, transform your body

Health & fitness Coaching

Build financial literacy and abundance

Financial coaching

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Adults and young people juggle many challenges through different stages of their lives. As the world evolves and our environment changes, how can families navigate these challenges and deal with the emotional chaos that hurtles their way?

More than ever, people of all ages are using coaching – to find purpose, be guided towards solutions and become more self-empowered.

Frolic for Life, is a family coaching practice with expertise in coaching for kids, parents, life, health and money. We want to help individuals and families overcome self-doubt, find their groove, live healthier and be happy.

Frolic for Life Family Coaching


Helping your kids prepare for life

Education and academics are important, but giving your children essential life skills and emotional skills are also crucial for them to become mentally resilient and happy. Give them the tools and watch them flourish.


Empower and motivate your teen

Stress, motivation, self-confidence, schoolwork, substance use, body image, self-worth, social media, friendships, relationships – the struggle is real and overwhelming for our teenagers. The pressure is unrelenting, and sometimes they need a neutral, non-judgemental adult to help guide and support them through their own tough times.


Navigate your fertility journey to success

Preconception care considers the whole person, both mind and body, which can focus on the individual or together as a couple.  Whether the idea of having a baby is only new to you, or if your fertility journey has been a long, emotional struggle, a whole person approach to fertility health and stress reduction can help ensure an ideal environment for a growing baby.


Simple parenting techniques for a happy and calm home

Parenting woes can sometimes get the better of us despite our best intentions. As parents, we can beat ourselves up whenever things spiral out of control; which is perfectly normal! Arm yourself with some practical, simple tips to build connection and strong family bonds, so that you raise happy, great kids in a harmonious home.


Reignite that lost spark in your relationship

When priorities change in a relationship or when there is a shift in focus, couples can grow apart. This could be due to many factors: children, career, menopause, illness or even just life’s daily grind. But it doesn’t mean that the intimacy that was once there is gone forever. Recommit to rebuild that chemistry and connection once more, by carving out time for you or couple’s coaching to either work on what’s missing or re-ignite lost passion.


Find purpose in your life and career

There are times in life where we can get stuck or unsatisfied with our status, or direction. We may lose momentum and purpose, and that can give us anxiety. As parents and individuals, we learn to bury this fear and focus our attention on more important and pressing issues, like our children, our daily routines, and our friendships. Leading a life of purpose, one that is goal-directed and fulfilling can sometimes take a back seat. Get back on track, discover and align to your authentic self and aspirations.


Learn how to overcome stress

Stress is becoming more and more a part of everyday life. While it’s impossible to banish stress entirely, every one of us can learn coping strategies that help manage and alleviate its effects. When stress becomes chronic, or when you find that you’re constantly having an oversized reaction to small stressors, that’s when stress becomes chronic and can impact your emotions, cognition, and physical health in a negative way. Stress Management coaching can help you recognise your physical response to stress, discover new ways to manage and reduce it and create a plan of action to combat serious issues. By taking this approach, it can alleviate some of that built-up pressure.


Transform your mind, body and soul

Balanced physical vitality and emotional wellness is a crucial part of living a healthy, happy life. We are privileged to live in a modern world that provides us with a plethora of options in terms of diet, mindfulness and well-being. Whether you are trying to live healthier, have more balance, or looking for ways to de-stress – we’ve got you covered!


Get your body back in shape

Sometimes you just need that kick to get you to the gym or form that healthy habit and routine around exercise. Keeping in shape, losing that extra inch from your waist after pregnancy, or training for that half marathon can be achieved with some support, help and coaching. Discover a fitness regime that suits you, your time and your space. No better place is to start with than here and now.


Be financially savvy and leave a legacy

Knowing how to gain control of your family finances, and protecting your wealth may be daunting. Some might get carried away living in the moment, spending, creating memories. Others might be anxiously figuring out how to save for both retirement and their children’s University fund. Take control of your finances. and get confident with your money by learning the fundamentals of good financial habits and building wealth for you and your family.


Get your kids started on money management

You should talk to your children about money sooner than you think. In fact, research shows that many of children’s financial habits, like self-monitoring, saving, and concepts around budgeting can be set at a pretty young age! But it’s never too late, and our Financial Literacy for Kids programmes are tailormade for kids of all ages starting from 8 all the way up to 17 years of age before they leave home.


Every family has their own group dynamics and unique structure: dual-parent family, single-parent family, step-family, extended family, blended family, one-child family, adopted family or a family with same-sex parents.

Families can go through different struggles at different stages, but everyone deserves to get the kind of support that works for them.

Our team of coaches have a wealth of professional expertise, as well as life experience. We can empower, empathise and support your personal journey.

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18 Oct 2021

Helpful Mindfulness Tips for Kids

As a mum, you want nothing more than to see your kids growing into smart, confident, and self-controlled adolescents. And one way to go is to teach them mindfulness techniques. “Mindfulness? What’s mindfulness got to do with my child?” I hear you ask. Well, read on.

25 Oct 2021

The First Steps to Reigniting the Spark in Your Relationship

Every long-term relationship is likely to go through periods of diminishing intimacy. There’ll be times when you can’t stay without each other and other times when your world would revolve around your work, education, children, or some other object besides your partner. So it’s totally fine to get into this phase.

28 Oct 2021

10 Steps to Promoting Family Wellness

Family wellness means everyone in the household is healthy, engaged in productive activities, and has an intimate relationship with every other family member. It is something we all aspire to and try our very best to live by – after all, we want what’s best for everyone. Here are 10 practical steps to promoting family wellness.

08 Nov 2021

Financial Planning Tips to Get You on the Right Track

Financial Wellness is not about how to earn millions on the stock market overnight. It’s about setting out the right financial plan that ensures you have a healthy safety net to fall back on whenever the need arises and with that a plan for growing your wealth to set you up for life. Let’s put you on the right track to financial wellness with some of our top tips.

15 Nov 2021

Social Media Impact on Teens

You’ve probably heard people preach about how social media can be damaging to young people. But sometimes, just scrolling through the pages, viewing people’s posts, and seeing what’s going on in other people’s lives can be so relaxing and fun, right?  So you wonder, will social media eventually affect my mental health?

22 Nov 2021

Developing That Workout Habit and Sticking to It

We all love working out and building that gorgeous physique we’d be proud to spot! Super-defined curves, flat tummy, you name it! But then, consistency becomes the enemy. In whatever you engage in, consistency is key to achieving optimal results. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  So, here are some simple tricks to develop a workout habit you can finally stick to.

06 Dec 2021

How to Deal with Moody, Grumpy Tweens and Teens

Seeing your child getting grumpy and moody can really get under your skin. I perfectly understand that. Who wouldn’t want to see their children happy at all times? But rather than getting furious and unleashing your frustration on them (and worsening the situation in the process), there are ways you can deal with the situation as a parent. 

13 Dec 2021

Teaching Your Kids About Money

Saving money is a lifelong habit that you can teach your children to empower them to take control of their finances in their adult years. Here are some top tips on how you can start.

20 Dec 2021

Reducing the Impact of Stress on the Reproductive System

Stress is not just feeling tired after an exhausting series of activities. Stress goes beyond your physical and mental health; it can hamper the reproductive system as well. But how exactly does stress affect the reproductive system? 

27 Dec 2021

Why Life and Career Coaching is Much Needed Now More Than Ever

In recent trends, social media has seen many life and career coaching ads with the industry flourishing now more than ever. Although the profession has been around for a while, how prevalent it is these days makes you wonder: why exactly would you need a life coach?

07 Feb 2022

Kids Life Coaching: Prevention is Always Better than Cure

You see, everything has its roots. Many, if not most, adults whose lives are a concern today have their issues rooted in childhood and teenage years. When seemingly trivial issues are unchecked, they spiral into something less manageable and onto mental health issues we see in adults today. 

What our parents and kids say

“Iwa is infinitely patient and incredibly encouraging. Her sessions are always fun and the goals achievable. She is also always careful to make sure we are working out without hurting ourselves. She is so passionate about sharing her journey and will drive us hard when we need it.”
“I’ve seen my child gain more confidence and openness since Kids Life Coaching. Andrea has helped him feel better in his own skin. He’s grown up more and is taking more responsibility for himself.”
Mummy of Ethan, aged 11
“I had a big fear of public speaking and now it’s not a worry anymore. I got rid of any negative thoughts with my new skills that have really helped give me confidence.”
Ethan, aged 11
“I consider myself fairly self-aware. However, Selina’s superpower of curiosity has helped to highlight blind spots in my personal growth. I am so grateful! With her warm, compassionate nature, I was able to process them in a safe, supportive space. She is a skilled, wonderful coach. Her future clients are lucky!”
"I am inspired by how Michelle helps women gain financial knowledge and independence. I knew that Michelle would be the best person to guide me through the process."
"Andrea has been such a blessing. When my 12-year-old changed schools and entered secondary, she lost friends, her confidence and began losing her way. She became more and more isolated. Halfway into 13, we found the beginnings of self-harm and self-loathe. Our greatest decision was to hire Andrea as a coach rather than seek counselling or a psychologist. She now has tools and renewed focus - but most importantly, she smiles and laughs a whole lot more."
Dad of Jada, aged 14
"Coach Iwa has helped me overcome self-esteem and anxiety issues. My newfound confidence meant that I was a lot self-assured and didn’t take my insecurities out on my partner as much. With her guidance, I’ve learned how to adopt a more positive outlook on life, helping me find the capacity to make both my partner and myself happy."
"The content is absolutely brilliant and customised for a young audience and Coach Andrea has put her unique touches to make each session incredibly fun, engaging and most importantly valuable."
Mummy of Max, aged 7
"I’ve had a lot of fun learning new ways to control my inside world. It’s really fun and I like going to my coaching sessions."
Elodie, aged 9
"Selina is a fantastic Health & Wellness Coach. I loved her warm, empathetic, and at the same time professional way of coaching. I immediately felt connected, comfortable and heard. She helped me to navigate through the most challenging time in my life, to find balance and well-being and to initiate personal transformation."
"Iwa is an amazing example of a strong person who goes after her passion. It translates into the dedication she puts into her fitness training. Repeating her mantra of consistency is key, she is the companion you want on the road to a healthier and fitter lifestyle."
"Even if you think you’re comfortable with your financial setup, I would recommend a session with Michelle as she raises a number of crucial elements to think about and corresponding solutions to strengthen (or start) you on your financial wellness journey."
"My relationship with my partner, family and friends has become a more exciting and supportive space after Iwa's coaching. Even since I am more in tune to how people feel and able to connect to others a lot more easily."
Wei Qing
“Meera’s collaborative coaching style helped me gain confidence that allowed me to make significant career moves. With her help, I was able to clearly articulate my purpose in life. Meera is the holistic package as she is amazing in understanding you as a whole person. Her know-how, life experiences, support and encouragement are only going to bring meaningful changes to your life."
“Rebecca has been a great help to me during my long and challenging fertility journey. She took great care to really understand my story, my journey, my disappointments and my hopes. Together, we uncovered a number of unresolved issues and she handled all our conversations with the utmost sensitivity and empathy. Rebecca is genuinely passionate about helping anyone with fertility issues."
“I was really struggling with stress and not knowing how to manage it effectively. It felt like everything was spiralling out of control and I was constantly reacting emotionally to situations. However, after just a few coaching sessions with Coach Rebecca, I feel like I've turned a corner. She has helped me to see things (and myself) from a different perspective and given me lots of guidance on living a more purposeful and stress-free life. I'm now much more mindful of my thoughts and actions, and after implementing all the tools learnt in our sessions, I’m finally learning how to manage my stress and am feeling calmer and more in control than ever before. If you're struggling with stress, I would highly recommend Rebecca- she's truly transformed my life!”
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