Oct 03, 2022

Does Exercise Increase Fertility? What Workouts Are Best?

Does exercise help fertility? Yes, moderate exercise help improve fertility besides offering various other health benefits. Regular and moderate exercise can help improve sperm count, motility, and morphology when it comes to men. For women, exercise can help improve ovulation, blood circulation to the reproductive organs and lowers the levels of cortisol.

Does exercise help fertility?

Research studies have proved that moderate exercising for 30 minutes to 1 hour, 3 to 5 times a week can help improve fertility, supported with a healthy diet to prevent energy deficiencies, can improve chances of conception.  In fact, exercise when trying to conceive increases fertility and also gets your body ready for pregnancy.  Exercise makes you feel healthy, confident, and happy as your baby changes and develops. 

How much should you exercise when trying to conceive?

When trying to get pregnant, you should try exercising for 30 minutes a day for approximately 5 days a week with moderate activity.  The exercise you should do while trying to conceive mainly depends on your exercise routine before becoming pregnant. Besides, obvious exercises like yoga, strength training, and aerobic exercise, any activity that gets your heart pumping such as housework or gardening are good for your future baby and your health. Always stay hydrated and listen to your body. Don’t put yourself at risk of injury or fall, and remember you will be pregnant at any time, so be easy on yourself if you are not exercising regularly.

To help you figure out the recommended exercise to increase fertility for you, our Fertility Coach at Frolic For Life has grouped the best, low-intensity exercises. You can perform these exercises on your own or with your partner to improve your odds of successful conception. Let us know how you go!

The best exercises to improve fertility

Moderate exercises are generally safe and recommended for women trying to conceive. Here are suggested exercises to improve fertility:


Walking is the safest exercise and benefits your health in several ways.  It is s stress-buster, low-impact exercise that helps build endurance and improve the cardiovascular system. Walking is a readily available and easiest activity that you can perform at any time. It helps boost your reproductive health. A research study found that walking for 10 to 20 minutes a day at a moderate pace can boost the chance to get pregnant.


It is safe to perform yoga when trying to conceive. It will help boost fertility and conception. You will also find certain yoga poses to improve fertility. Yoga is a low-impact exercise and is an ideal way to get active, especially for those who are not sporty. It is also beneficial for your emotional and mental health. There is a clear link between stress and fertility, so yoga is your great companion on the journey to motherhood. However, you should not push your body too far when practicing yoga to improve fertility. Consult specialists before trying yoga poses for fertility.


Pilates help improves your fertility and overall health. It is a relaxing yet challenging exercise. It is somehow similar to yoga and offers similar benefits when it comes to fertility. Pilates integrates breathing exercises into poses that help relieve stress as well as act as a protective exercise that is kind to your body. Stress-relieving exercises lower the level of cortisol and change it with endorphin to boost fertility. Stress management is necessary to improve fertility. Irregular sleeping and lots of stress can lower fertility, so improving these conditions with pilates can help improve your fertility.


Swimming is another good way to boost fertility, particularly when you are not performing exercise regularly. It is a low-intensity exercise that is gentle on your body. Choosing cold water for swimming can also boost the immune system and improve blood circulation which is best for getting blood to your reproductive organs. Swimming is kind to your body as it is easy on your joints. There will be less risk of joint strain while swimming as your body will be supported by water. 

Trying to get pregnant? Get active now…

Exercise is a good way to improve fertility. Being active can help enhance your chance of conception but you should be careful as vigorous exercise can lower your fertility and lead to further issues like a miscarriage. The best exercise to increase fertility is the exercise that leaves you feeling fresh and energized instead of exhausted and overheated. 

Low-intensity and moderate exercise are generally safe when trying to get pregnant. Walking is a great exercise to increase fertility. It is about knowing your body and limits. You need to be gentle with yourself and perform exercise that makes you feel comfortable. Doing what feels good for you will help improve your fertility.


For more support with your fertility journey, speak to our Fertility Coach for a free consultation. Book Now.

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