Fertility Coaching


Who is it for?

Fertility Coaching is for individuals or couples wishing to improve their fertility health and fitness before conceiving, as well as couples who are struggling with their fertility journey and looking for alternative support outside the medical world.  


It offers a fresh approach to preconception care with focus given to fertility health and nutrition that can reduce inflammation, reproductive ageing and hormonal imbalances, with the support of various techniques including Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM), Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Fertility Yoga, and enquiry into both physical and emotional blockages, as well as visualisation and relaxation techniques.

Why get Fertility Coaching?

Learn how to best support a fertile body, make healthy choices and reduce toxicity so the body can heal and nourish itself. Environmental, physical and behavioural toxins impact us on a cellular level, compromising functions of the body in ways that are harmful and potentially lead to poor reproductive health, even disease. Mental stress can also lead to blockages in the physical body that restrict the body from optimal performance. Add to this, timing is everything, and studies show that only 12.7% of women correctly estimate their ovulation. Fertility Coaching will teach you the best methods for tracking your ovulation, so you be sure never to miss your fertile window!

Tweak your lifestyle with the practice of mindfulness, yoga, visualisation and relaxation techniques, so you can begin to restore the body, bringing love and kindness into key areas that need it, supporting a fertile mind and body.

What you can expect

During each consultation, you will be introduced to a whole-person approach to fertility and stress reduction that will be catered to meet your specific needs and symptoms with grief and loss support when required. This is combined with fertility health and nutrition that is focused on reducing inflammation, reproductive ageing and hormonal imbalances, as well as regulating the natural rhythms of the body. We also include an introduction to the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), with a Wellness Coaching element, treatment support and much more. Our clients will also have access to ON-DEMAND Fertility Yoga and Stress Reduction techniques.


Issues we can coach

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Fertility Nutrition
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Fertility Yoga
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Emotional Release
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Family History
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Fertility Awareness
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Hormonal Regulation
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Lifestyle & Fitness
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Stress Reduction
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Grief & Loss Support


For specific areas or issues of concern, a customised approach will be taken with the individual or couple on fertility issues and goals.

Our Fertility Coach will help to make your fertility journey a fruitful one.

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