Jun 27, 2022

How Can You Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle?

We can’t deny that healthy living has become a hot topic now more than ever. Scroll through social media, and you won’t fail to find experts emphasising the need to care for your mental health as well as your physical one. And health products are flying off the shelves all over the place. Is it far-fetched? Not really.


Why healthy living has become a trending topic

You see, the 2019 lockdown due to the pandemic made a lot of people sit at home idly. Anxiety and depression increased by a staggering 25%, and people gained weight as they got less active. And work-from-home has become the new norm, reducing how much physical activity you get.

Imagine the risks of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases that come with less activity and weight gain.

Perhaps these are your fears. Maybe you want to experience all the benefits that embracing a healthy lifestyle has to offer: a radiant look, energy bustling through your veins, less stress, reduced risks of diseases, and more happiness.


The challenges to practising a healthy lifestyle as a mom

As a mom, you desire all of those benefits. But we understand that life can get very busy when you’re a mother caring for a home and a career. It becomes difficult to implement all the healthy lifestyle practices the experts recommend to the letter. Eat well, exercise for 30 minutes 3-5 days a week, etc.

To become a healthier, happier mom when life gets busy, you need to embrace a healthy lifestyle practice that is easy to implement and stick to. It’s easy to blame the food industry or others for what we eat or don’t eat. Or our boss for being so stressed. At the end of the day though, we are responsible and if we want to, we can take charge. You can do this by setting boundaries and building healthy, daily habits. And that’s what we bring to you today.

So… Let’s go.


5 ways to embrace a healthy lifestyle

1.     Vamp up your diet’s nutritional density

We all eat, don’t we? So, this shouldn’t be hard to implement. If you want to eat healthier, the best way to make lasting changes is to start slow. Eat an extra veggie or fruit every day. Take it step by step – firstly by adding in healthier items to your diet and then slowly removing more and more of the unhealthy and processed items. By adding more healthy produce, you’ll notice you often automatically reduce your unhealthy or processed items.

2.     Get moving

Experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate to high-intensity physical exercises daily. But is this easy to stick to amidst a busy schedule? No.

To embrace a healthy lifestyle you can stick to, it’s best to stop feeling guilty for one missed day. If you can go for a 10min walk every day then do that, every day. Rather than aiming for a 1hour walk and bailing regularly. Focus on what you can accomplish consistently. That’s what’ll make the difference.’ Also, it would help to realize that you don’t always have to lift weights or do resistance training. The aim is to get moving and active, work your body up, burn some calories, and release endorphins that make you happy.

And you can get all of that by walking, running, or jogging through your neighbourhood.

3.     Embrace stress-relieving activities like meditation

Meditation can help you manage stress, improve concentration, reduce negative emotions, and gain new and better perspectives on your present situation. Meditation can benefit you if you battle addiction, anxiety, or unhealthy eating.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home or working mom, only you know the stress and emotional breakdown you go through. It’s ok to let it go once a while and just relax in your own space, giving yourself up to nature and filling your senses with stillness.

If you love reading, pick a book with a glass of red wine in hand once in a while. Reading reduces stress, improves sleep, makes your brain stronger, and reduces your risks of cognitive decline.

4.     Use supplements

As much as you try to get all the nutrients you need, it can be challenging. To make embracing a healthy lifestyle easier, fill in your nutritional needs with supplements.

However, you want to go for quality, natural supplements rich in vitamins and minerals.

5.     Prioritise relationships

Although you might want your hubby to be your best friend, there’s no denying the feeling of having some girlfriends you can have fun with and who share the same values. People who you can laugh with, talk about fashion and travels, and even confide in when things get rough.

You can make friends with your neighbours, or it could be an online community on Facebook. Staying in touch is great for your happiness and overall well-being as a mom.


If you’re looking to embrace a healthy, happier lifestyle, move more, eat nutrient-dense meals, manage stress, and build friendly relations. Do these things in a way that isn’t too inconvenient so you can always stick to the practice.

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I was really struggling with stress and not knowing how to manage it effectively. It felt like everything was spiralling out of control and I was constantly reacting emotionally to situations. However, after just a few coaching sessions with Rebecca, I feel like I've turned a corner. She has helped me to see things (and myself) from a different perspective and given me lots of guidance on living a more purposeful and stress-free life. I'm now much more mindful of my thoughts and actions, and after implementing all the tools learnt in our sessions, I’m finally learning how to manage my stress and am feeling calmer and more in control than ever before. If you're struggling with stress, I would highly recommend Rebecca- she's truly transformed my life!
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