Sep 12, 2022

Want Better Skin? Start With Your Gut!

Are you struggling with regular pimples on your forehead, acne breakouts, or eczema? Did you try tons of different types of creams and beauty products without success? Glowing skin is something everyone wants, but how exactly can you achieve it?

Treating your skin on the surface may help manage symptoms but not necessarily get to the root cause. Rather than only addressing topical skincare solutions, think of beauty holistically and turn your attention inwards. It all starts at your gut level. There is a connection between your gut and skin. Taking care of your gut health can help resolve your issues and simplify your skincare routine. It can help you get balanced, glowing, and smooth skin and improve your overall health. 

The gut-skin relationship

Your skin and gut may appear completely unrelated but research proposes that they have a direct link. Almost 70% of your body’s immune system lies in your gut and there are trillions of natural bacteria residing in your gut. Some of them are good bacteria that aid digestion and others are harmful ones that may cause diseases. An unhealthy gut can affect your health, including your skin, and can lead to inflammation, spots, eczema, and acne.

How does your gut affect the skin?

An inflamed gut that is not functioning properly due to a high number of bad bacteria can affect your skin’s health. You might not be eating enough nutrient-dense food to create the right balance, or not getting enough sleep. You may be bloated, constipated, or stressed out and craving processed and sugary foods. We generally link all of these things to different reasons but the truth is it all starts in your gut. If you want to know how to have radiant skin naturally, you need to get gutsy. 

What changes your gut flora?

Processed, junk foods, antibiotics, sugar, gluten, and other medicines are some factors that affect the natural bacteria in your gut. More bad bacteria in your gut means higher inflammation in your body. Other factors that influence an overgrowth of bad bacteria include alcohol, caffeine, depression, anxiety, stress, and lack of sleep. Changing your lifestyle habits and looking after your gut health can help treat the root cause and resolve your skin issues. 

How to get better skin? Change your diet

Poor diet and food sensitivities can be triggering your skin issues. The first step is to identify any food sensitivities. You can either easily do it at home with a food journal or you can get tested. Consider the top suspects such as dairy, gluten, corn, refined carbohydrates, fatty deep fried, and sugary foods that disturb your gut and skin health. 

Eat more prebiotics and probiotics 

Probiotic foods, such as kombucha, sauerkraut, and kimchi are a good source of good gut bacteria. Prebiotic foods include whole real foods like radish, asparagus, oatmeal, flaxseeds, and onions. They are a good source of fiber and help feed the good gut bacteria. 

Tips for radiant and glowing skin

You don’t need expensive treatments and creams to get better skin. Your skin health is directly linked to your lifestyle. Focus on your diet and eat an abundance of antioxidant-rich, mostly plant-based foods – including leafy greens, cruciferous veggies as well as easily digested and probiotic-rich wholefoods like kimchi and kefir, and help your skin for the better. And don’t forget to exercise regularly, drink plenty of water for better hydration and manage your stress through daily mindfulness practices.

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Jo Wolfe
Rebecca has been a great help to me during my long and challenging fertility journey. From my very first session with her, I felt instantly at ease. Rebecca took great care to really understand my story, my journey so far, my disappointments and my hopes. I found her questions incredibly insightful and perceptive. Together, we uncovered a number of unresolved issues and she handled all our conversations with the utmost sensitivity and empathy. Rebecca is genuinely passionate about helping anyone with fertility issues and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is looking for someone authentic and caring to speak to.
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Eunice Chua-Sandri
I was really struggling with stress and not knowing how to manage it effectively. It felt like everything was spiralling out of control and I was constantly reacting emotionally to situations. However, after just a few coaching sessions with Rebecca, I feel like I've turned a corner. She has helped me to see things (and myself) from a different perspective and given me lots of guidance on living a more purposeful and stress-free life. I'm now much more mindful of my thoughts and actions, and after implementing all the tools learnt in our sessions, I’m finally learning how to manage my stress and am feeling calmer and more in control than ever before. If you're struggling with stress, I would highly recommend Rebecca- she's truly transformed my life!
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My children, aged 11, did Life Coaching with Coach Andrea. Andrea has a soft touch - she was very approachable, gentle, kind and patient with them, offering valuable lessons on how to lead a healthy life, in both mind and body. The materials were presented in a fun way, in the format of games and videos, so it was understandable and digestible. Having another adult, rather than us parents, talk with the kids helped them be more receptive to all the topics too. The kids really enjoyed her pre-recorded meditations for night time to help them relax before bed. The pre-teen/teen years can be an emotional roller coaster ride for both kids and parents, but I feel that Andrea’s coaching (she even helped me with some great pointers) has really helped us prepare with valuable tools to better navigate what’s ahead! It’s definitely a worthwhile investment and would highly recommend to anyone and their kids!
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Marisa Karplus
Frolic for Life’s Kids Life Coaching with Coach Andrea was such a great experience for my pre-teen son. Coach Andrea helped him with a transition to a new school and then a transition to a new country one year later! It was so helpful for him to have so many tools in his back pocket to deal with all of the emotions and big feelings. Having an extra adult in his life who he could confide in and trust with his feelings was really important to us. Especially living far from extended family. He really appreciated the role she played for him and felt pretty cool having his own “life coach”. I highly recommend Coach Andrea. She is so excellent with this age group. She really knows how to talk to pre-teens and earn their respect and trust without judgement.
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Nadia Ederer
The moment I heard about Kids Life Coaching from Coach Andrea, I knew I had to sign my kid up for it. Coach Andrea helped to show my pre-teen the tools she needs to cope with all sorts of things life throws at her now, and prepare her for what it will throw at her in the future. I think it was a bit challenging to get things out of her in the beginning, but after building a relationship with her, it became easier. I recommend Kids Life Coaching with Coach Andrea strongly because it’s so important for kids to learn these coping tools, or as she puts it: Superpowers!
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